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General Purpose Products

PET is commonly referred to as "multi-purpose". PET is used for an infinite variety of applications. Due to its expandable nature, FLEXO PET unique braided construction enables quick and easy installation over large connectors. FLEXO PET can be found on the high tech computer harnesses as well as on toys. Possible applications include wires, harnesses, cables, hoses, springs, rods, and chains.

FLAME RETARDANT (FRN) sleeving is the perfect choice for electronic and high tech applications where flame retardance and durability are key factors. Easy installation makes FR an efficient choice for long length production runs. FR monofilament has a UL recognized flame resistant rating of VW-1. FR sleeving is a lightweight, durable, cost-effective method of sleeving for electrical and mechanical wire, cable and hose assemblies.
CLEAN CUT (CC) expandable sleevings are innovative fray resistant coverings for wire, cable and hose assemblies. CC offers easy field installation without the need for a hot knife. The unique design offers full coverage; excellent protection and a finished end that resists fraying
Available in standard PET (CCP) or FLAME RETARDANT (CCF).
FLEXOWRAP (FWN) is an exclusive product manufactured only by Techflex; FLEXOWRAP (FWN) provides the perfect solution to many different applications. Available in standard PET (FWN) or FLAME RETARDANT (FWF).

F6's unique split, semi-rigid braided construction ,makes it the ideal solution for situations where ease of installation is of primary importance. The lateral split allows the tube to open up to accommodate a wide variety of bundling requirements, and the semi-rigid braid configuration simply closes around the installation without the necessary of any secondary sealing technique (velcro, tape, etc.) Now available in Flame Retardant.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink is an effective way to professionally finish the ends of FLEXO  Sleeving.  Now you can attractively color coordinate the terminations with the sleeving.  This 3 to 1 Heat Shrink tubing is available in 10 colors.


Hot knives and Scissors help with installation of FLEXO  Sleeving.
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