Area Attractions

Ft. Myers 3 Bedroom/3 Bath 
Vacation Condo On Water With Dock And Gulf Access For Rent By Owner

Outside (2)
Kitchen (3) 
Dining/Living Room (3)
Bedrooms (4)
Bathrooms (4)
Lanais (5)
Safe/Laundry (2)
Pool/Hot Tub/Tennis ( 3) 
Rules and Regulations                                                      Rental Application  


1.       Passenger automobiles and vans (used for personal transportation and not commercially) that do not exceed the size of one parking space may be parked in the areas provided for that purpose, Commercial vehicles, trucks, campers and mobile homes are prohibited.  Bicycles, moped, boats and boat trailers shall be parked only in such areas assigned by and permitted by the Directors; Vehicle maintenance is not permitted on the Condominium property.

  1. Recreational facilities will be used in such a manner as to respect the rights of others, and the Directors may regulate duration of use, hours of opening and closing and schedule their use.

    All outside guests using the pool and tennis courts must be register with the Manager or other designate of the Board of Directors prior to using the facilities.
  1. No exterior radio or television antenna or any exterior wiring for any purpose may be installed without the written consent of the Directors.

4.     No one shall make any changes to, place anything upon, affix anything to or exhibit anything form any part of the Condominium property visible from the exterior of the buildings or from common areas without the prior written consent of the Directors to maintain uniformity       of exterior appearance.  All curtains, shades, drapes and blinds shall be white or off-white in color lined with material of these colors.

  1. All common areas inside and outside the building will be used for their designated purposed only, and nothing belonging to the unit owners shall be kept therein or thereon without the approval of the Directors, and such areas shall at all times be kept free of obstruction.  Owners are financially responsible the Association for damage to the common areas caused by themselves, their tenants, guests and family members.
  1. No pets in this unit only, although they are permitted on the property.
  1. Disposition of garbage and trash shall be only by use of receptacles approved by the Association or by use of garbage disposal units.
  1. All persons occupying units other than the owners shall be registered with the Manager or other designate of the Association at or before the time of their occupancy of the unit.  This includes renters and houseguests.  Units may not be rented for periods of less than one week.  The unit owner or the Manager must give a copy of these rules to the renters and guests.  No unit may be permanently occupied by a number of persons exceeding the number of bedrooms times 2 plus 1.
  1. The Association shall retain a passkey to each unit, and the unit owner shall provide the Association with a new or extra key whenever locks are changed or added for the use of the Association pursuant to its statutory right to access to the premise.
  1.  Children of any age are welcome as permanent residents or guests but shall be under the direct control of a responsible adult at all times.  Children under 12 may not use the pool or docks unaccompanied by an adult.  Children may be removed from the common areas for misbehavior by or on the instructions of the Directors.
  1. All boats must be registered with the Board of Directors for approval. A separate Boaters Registration form must be filled out and approved before using.


Rental Application